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Laptop Warranty?

I bought a laptop but I'd like to know the warranty you offer too buy a warranty for my Laptop? Smiley Happy

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Re: Laptop Warranty?

Best Buy does not offer warranties, they offer service plans.

Assuming you bought the laptop at Best Buy, you have 14 days from purchase to add a service plan to your laptop, and you need to do so instore, with the laptop with you.

There's the brochure detailing what's covered.

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I'm NOT an employee of Best Buy, or Geek Squad, though I did work as an Agent for a year 5 years ago. None of my posts are to be taken as the official stance that Best Buy will take on your situation. My advice is just that, advice.
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Re: Laptop Warranty?


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Re: Laptop Warranty?

BTW, the laptop should come with some sort of warranty, but that is offered by the manufacturer and not BBY, and what it does and does not provide is determined by the manufacturer.

*disclaimer* I am not now, nor have I ever been, an employee of Best Buy, Geek Squad, nor of any of their affiliate, parent, or subsidiary companies.