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Laptop Spanish keyboard

Is it possible to buy a laptop with a Spanish keyboard? I asked at the store and they said no, but maybe on the web if it can be ordered, thank you
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Re: Laptop Spanish keyboard

I checked all of Best Buy's offerings and it appears they don't have laptops with Spanish Keyboards. It has been known that Best Buy does special orders on certain items but you may want to ask Best Buy for Business to get something more custom tailored to your computing needs. If all else fails, you can buy keyboard decals that can be placed as stickers on the keyboard but that can be bad sometimes and a time consuming process to sort and place them on the right key.

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Re: Laptop Spanish keyboard

My family is Russian and my parents speak mostly Russian. I've put the Russian keyboard stickers on every single one of their computers. It's not really that annoying and you only have to do it once. In Windows, you set up a secondary keyboard language and switch between them by hitting alt+shift (by default).

You can pick up the stickers on Amazon/eBay for a few dollars.
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