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Laptop Not Turning On

I bought a laptop from Best Buy less than a month ago and it isn’t turning on anymore. It’s fully charged and been plugged in. I haven’t dropped it or spilled anything on it or damaged it any way. I didn’t get the warranty. Will I have to pay to fix this if it’s a faulty part in the laptop?
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Re: Laptop Not Turning On

This may sound foolish but try plugging it in to a different outlet.


Is the battery removable?  If so remove the battery, let it sit for a few minutes and then put the battery back in.

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Re: Laptop Not Turning On



We're sorry to hear that your laptop isn't working as expected! 


I love bobberuchi's idea. Have you had a chance to test a different charger and outlet to ensure the issue is with the laptop, and not the charger? 


We would also love to get more details. Is your laptop making any sort of sounds (ex: do you hear the fans spinning up) when you attempt to turn it on? 

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