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Laptop (Gateway)

My laptop stopped working on the plug a few weeks ago. It works on my battery but that runs down quickly. I have tried other plugs on it and they don't work either, but they will work on other computers. I would like to know hat is wrong with my computer and also how much it might be to fix it. Thank you

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Re: Laptop (Gateway)

The only thing I can think of is either where you plug in the power cord is messed up or your battery is malfunctioning. Can't really give a price estimate.
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Re: Laptop (Gateway)

the one you had, probably just went bad.


you cant just plug in any power cords because all power cord runs on a dfiferent wattage output, if it's too much or too little, your comp won't turn on for safety reasons.


so you got two choices now:


1) either call up the manufacture (talk to some one from india) and ask them send a cable to you

2) go into a best buy store and ask them to do a part search and help you order one. bring your laptop in because they'll need to check your model.

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Re: Laptop (Gateway)

If you bought the laptop from Best Buy, and have a service plan, the power adapter is covered under Best Buy's service plan, however if you only have the manufactors, the power cord is not covered, and you may get charged for it.