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Laptop Customization

Good afternoon,


I am looking for a laptop with the following specs to run an architectural software called revit.


Window 7, Intel i7 core processor, nvidia graphics card, at least 16 gb of ram, 500 gb of ssd harddrive with an additional harddrive for storage if possible. Wifi and blue tooth abilities. usb drive and sd card cappabilities.


Would you be able to give some pricing for this cutomized laptop.



Huy Nguyen

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Re: Laptop Customization

 Buying a new powerful computer is always an exciting prospect.  Unfortuantly your selection is limited as there are not a lot of computers being made with Windows 7 anymore.  but they are out there.


Best Buy carries a number of Windows 7 machines that have SSD but most of them do not have a second HDD or a cd/DVD drive.


This one below meets and exceeds, other than the OS

MSI Laptop



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