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Laptop Computers



Your sale is very disappointing.

The fact that you have not advertised any Laptop for $200.00 or less is insane.

We will never purchase from you again.




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Re: Laptop Computers

If you like my post, or solution to your issue/question, go ahead and click on the little star by my name and/or accept the post as the Solution. It makes me happy.

I'm NOT an employee of Best Buy, or Geek Squad, though I did work as an Agent for a year 5 years ago. None of my posts are to be taken as the official stance that Best Buy will take on your situation. My advice is just that, advice.
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Re: Laptop Computers

George, STOP making customers look stupid.  It's not nice.  Just because they don't have the ability to see what's plainly in front of them doesn't mean that you can just shove their complete ignorance in their face. 

I DO NOT work for Best Buy. I used to be a Geek Squad Agent for 2 years and this is why I am well versed on their policies and procedures, but I do not work for them anymore. My posts are my own opinions and do not represent any opinions of Best Buy. If you do not like my posts, and want to report me, you can do so by clicking this link and reporting me to the moderators.
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