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Laptop Chargers.

Is it possible to get a warranty on laptop chargers?  It says that it's plugged in on my computer, but it isn't charging.  What are my options?  Do I have to buy a new charger or does my 5 year warranty cover this?  Is it even my charger or possibly the charger port?
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Re: Laptop Chargers.

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  If you have the BestBuy warranty for your computer it covers for the charger. Now there is a very good chance that there is an issue with the connection on your laptop where the charger plugs in, that is a common problem. I would suggest you bring your laptop in to the nearest BestBuy so that the GeekSquad can test your charger and tell you if that's the issue or if you computer might have be taken in for other repairs. If you are SURE that the charger is the problem and you have the BestBuy  PSP (performance service plan) or GSBTP (geeksquad balcktie protection) you can call 1-888-BestBuy and order a new charger over the phone, it will be coverage under your warranty and mailed to you.


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