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Kodak Eash Share 10.2 Digital Photo Frame

Does anyone have an opinion on the Koday 10.2 Photo Frame.  My primary reason for wanting to buy it is to view recipes; can this thing display MS Word files and be able to search?  Also, how's the sound from the speakers.


It listed for $169 yesterday and today I see it listed at $189.





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Re: Kodak Eash Share 10.2 Digital Photo Frame

Hi lwisniewski!


I was intrigued by the idea of using a digital picture frame to view recipes (a brilliant idea, and something that I would be interested in doing myself), so I did a little bit of research.


The Kodak EasyShare 10.2" Digital Photo Frame is not capable of opening MSWord files. It can only open JPEG and Exif image formats, MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 video formats and MP3 audio formats when these files are present on the memory card inserted into the frame. However, after digging around a bit I learned that there is software available that can help you to convert a text file to a .jpg image file which can then be viewed on a digital photo frame. I have not used any software of this type, so I can't make a specific recommendation, but some looking around on Google should provide some opinions on this particular technique.


If you decide to try this, I would love to hear whether you found it to be a useful tool!

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Re: Kodak Eash Share 10.2 Digital Photo Frame

I don't have an opinion on the Koday 10.2 Photo Frame, but I have an opinion on BB.  If you buy it from BB you will likely regret it.  Read the other posts.