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Kaspersky renewal

My kaspersky expires on 9-11-2011, so I went on-line to renew it and went thru I beleive all nessecery steps.

 It says on reciept I printed out


 "Membership renewal confermation

 thank you for renewing your PC services membership, and for being a best buy customer"

Then it goes on to say

"kaspersky 1 year renewal

bbyserial number

renewal date

amount to be billed


Now what I am confused about is the program says for renewal I need a new activation code and that it should be emailed to me bbut I have yet to recieve such a notification. Do I need a new code and if so when should I be recieving it?

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Re: Kaspersky renewal

JEEZ guys what a wonderful outfit !!!!!

Been a couple days and not a single reply.

But when you were attempting to sell me a computer and this program you had all kinds of replys then.

Is that what "Best Buy " is all about(all the answers before the sale and nothing but silence after)?

Or maybe theis is to complicated for you to answer, in which case I know I'll be asking else where in the future.

Not even 6 months since purchase and already silence.

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Re: Kaspersky renewal

From what I read you have to wait 3-5 business days. You posted on a Thursday and no work on weekends or holidays. So more than likely no response until Wed or Thursday. I think that is a little long, but that is all I got for you.
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Re: Kaspersky renewal

Rember retail is all about the money not the CS. Very rarely do you get a place of business that has both.
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Re: Kaspersky renewal

Hi there,

  I have never renewed the subscription software online but I know Best Buy has a corporate division that handles that.  I would try to call 888-237-8289 and ask to speak with someone about the software.  They can probably look it up for you.  Good Luck!








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Re: Kaspersky renewal

You'd need to talk to Software Subscription at that number. No one else on these boards can look that up (Except the Community Connectors, who reply in 3 to 5 business days).


I *think*, but I'm not certain, that from what I've heard is that the warning stays till the last day so that you don't overlap your services, then a new code is generated and it auto-updates. That's what I've heard.


Either wait or contact the number, 1-888-BEST-BUY.

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Re: Kaspersky renewal

OK, cool some kind of reply. So on the last day it should auto-maticly re-new on it's own is what you believe should happen. That's where I was getting confused. Cause on the Best Buy site says nothing and on the Kaspersky site says I'll get a E-mail with new code #. 3 weeks later no E-mail I was getting concerned. You think if you gonna push to sell a product that you would also have a lil more information available on it. I mean I was just gonna get Norten again(so glad I didn't now), but the sales guy said "we include Kaspersky along with the purchus of your new laptop". And have to admit, so much happier with Kaspersky's ease of use and I believe level of protection(havent had a problem yet with protection that I have noticed). I am really happy with it. Norton was allways so complicated and was allways having conflicts with it and other programs, never knew protection could be so easy. So thumbs up on the suggestion of Kaspersky, but thumbs down on the amout of information about it on your web site.

   So, I'll wait 5 more days and see what happens.


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Re: Kaspersky renewal

How do I renew my Kaspersky that will expire next day?

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Re: Kaspersky renewal

Hi AdnanAlSafi –


The email you should have received notifying you of Kaspersky’s pending expiration should have also included a link and instructions for renewal. However if you no longer have these emails you can renew your software either by calling us at 1-888-BestBuy, or by vising the Geek Squad at your local store.



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