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Issue with NS-P10A8100 tablet

My sister got this tablet for Christmas. She hasn't installed much on it beyond facebook app and kindle app. She hasn't done much because she's wanting to learn everything before installing a bunch (which is definitely good in this case). Yesterday when she turned it on, it basically went into a loop of the screensaver (I assume). It is a black screen with the word INSIGNIA fading in and out. She is unable to swipe the screen to login or do anything else. I did hold the power button and restarted it to see if that would fix it, and it did the same thing as soon as it restarted. I figure it needs a factory reset, but I can't get it to do that. I had read that powering it down and then holding the volume up and power button until the factory restart option screen came up could do it. But, when I do the volume/power thing, all that comes up is a "select boot mode" screen. My options are recovery, fastboot or normal. I tried to do a recovery boot, but it does nothing. It will sit there and do nothing. It will just sit on that screen and then pop up with the error of "no command". As soon as I restart the tablet again, it goes right back to the screensaver loop.


How can I do a factory restart on this, or is it better to just take it back to Best Buy and try and get them to replace it with a new one?

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Re: Issue with NS-P10A8100 tablet

I'd take it back and let the Geek Squad have a look. Chances are, the tablet will need to be replaced.
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Re: Issue with NS-P10A8100 tablet

Hello ColeB,


Thanks for joining our community to share the issues you’re having with your sister’s Insignia tablet. It’s discouraging to hear that it’s not working as expected at this time. I’d be happy to point you in the correct direction.


As dexman shared visiting your local Best Buy to discuss the issues with Geek Squad would be the best option available at this time. You’re welcome to make an appointment with Geek Squad here to get help under the manufacturer’s warranty.





Insignia Support

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Re: Issue with NS-P10A8100 tablet

When you get to the screen that says "No Command" while holding the power button, press the volume up key.