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Is this good upload and download speed?

I have 31.85 download and upload is somewhere between 6.29 and sometimes 7 something but usually about 6.29. With AT&T and I pay close to 80 a month. I notice when installing games on steam downloading them takes a pretty long time. The other day I was downloading a test server for a game and it was about 14 BG give or take and it took an hour and 30 minutes. I even have an SSD. This is also a brand new PC not even a full-month-old yet. This is also with a brand new router.

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Re: Is this good upload and download speed?

Actually that is not very good by todays standards.  Do you have DSL, it those are DSL speeds then it is decent.

I just ran a test and I am at 132 download and 11.2 upload.  I pay roughly $33 a month with a Bundle via Spectrum


So actually $!00 a month gets me HD Cable, Land Phone and the internet. 


What is your speed rated at that you are payng for?


It could  be a bunch of other things.  The internet speed would not be really realted to your computer so much as it would be a lot of other factors.


What did you get for a router? I had a Netgear Nighhawk AC1900 and I thought it was good. But I changed to a mesh router and I am getting these speeds.


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Re: Is this good upload and download speed?

Hello, ChaseZachary,

Welcome to our online community! Thanks for making your first post.


Bobberuchi is right on with his recommendation to check out your internet type and plan. There are so many things that can impact your network speeds. Outside of the type of service plan you have, things can bottleneck through your modem, router, computer networking hardware, or even the amount of activity that is occurring on your neighborhood's node. Personally, I try to keep my gaming consoles and rig wired as opposed to wireless. My spouse and I are both gamers, and with all of the devices we have connected to our network, we opted for a 100 mbs plan using a cable internet provider. Currently, the fastest speeds available are typically fiber optic, however, fiber optic services are not available in all areas yet (I've been checking service providers in my area regularly, because I'm so anxious to switch over). As bobberuchi alluded to, most DSL providers, along with satellite internet providers, tend to operate at slower speeds than cable and fiber optic.


If you have any questions, please let us know. Your internet service provider may also be a great resource to connect with to start finding answers.


If you're thinking about having an expert come out to assess your network and devices as a whole, I'd recommend checking out Geek Squad's Home Wi-Fi Support.


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