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Is it my computer or the charger?

So, when I plug the charger into my computer, I have to hold it a certain way to get it to charge.  But I don't want to buy a new charger if maybe something is wrong with my computer.  Is there a way to check to see if the charger is the problem(which I think that it is the charger)?  Also, my battery isn't holding much life lately.  I have had the same battery since I got the computer two years ago.  Should I but a new battery too?
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Re: Is it my computer or the charger?

A new battery would certainly be a good idea since the average life on most of them are a year. Now for the AC Adapter question. The input where the charger jack goes might be faulty. Ive seen many posts over the internet where computers need these inputs repaired.
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Re: Is it my computer or the charger?

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I know that when I had my Razor phone that the same thing started happening when I would go to charge it. It sounds like a port problem to me as that is what they said about my Razor phone.
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Re: Is it my computer or the charger?

If you bought the service plan with the Laptop, it does include a free battery replacement, so I would take advantaged of that if you have plan, as new batteries will cost anywhere from $150 upwards.


As for it not charging correct, the port where you plug in the charger could be going bad like it was said before, we had a Sony Laptop that had the same issue (in fact it is still broken, but still able to charge if you are carefu) You could take it to a local Best Buy and they could look at it for you, you could also buy a charger and try it out and see if that fixes the charging problem, if it does not, I would suggest taking the computer in, as it is probably the charging port.

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Re: Is it my computer or the charger?

I agree with sassums. In my case, it was the charger PLUG. but all you have to do is try using a differnt charger, (maybe at best buy) and you will see right away if it is the charger, the charger plug,or the plug to your Laptop.  good luck!


If you don't have extended warranty...Batteries can be found much cheaper, I would do some online research.

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Re: Is it my computer or the charger?

Be careful with cheaper batteries as they probably are coming from places like e Bay, keep in mind when using used parts, they might be the same, or worse than whatever it is you already have.
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Re: Is it my computer or the charger?

remove battery, plug to AC, now ...are you able to power it on without holding it on a certain way? if yes (check battery contacts and clean it) if no..then its the plug.


To check the charger all you need is a multimeter, set to dc volt, connect the leads and read the charger dc output, it should be same as what the sticker is posted.