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Is 128gb enough?

I know this question gets asked over and over, but I plan on using a MacBook pro 2017 13" model and trying to decide if I should go for 128 or 256 GB . It won't be my main computer as I have a PC at home so the laptop would be a travel/secondary device. I plan on using Photoshop, illustrator, and InDesign. Can anyone help me?
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Re: Is 128gb enough?

128 GB is small by any standard for a computer by todays standards.  Esecially if you want to put in photoshop and edit photos. 


You should as how much space is already taken up by installed software and how much space Photoshop will take up.


I would give serious thought to 256 GB



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Re: Is 128gb enough?

Keep in mind that as software shifts only to 64 bit in the next revision of Mac OS, you may find file sizes go higher depending on the program you are using.

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Re: Is 128gb enough?

this depends on what your storgae needs are. are you going to use the cloud to store and backup the work? then it is plenty for the OS if not i would opt for the 256 for better resell value in the long run. although i would not use those heavy programs on a portable unit .. thats my opinion.