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Internet out of U.S.

My daughter is traveling to the Cayman Islands and will be needing to work on her online college course. Is there anything specific she needs to be able to do this or will resort WiFi be enough
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Re: Internet out of U.S.

I would suggest a good internet security for a Hotel Resort Wifi network if you are connecting it, no matter where you go as public Wifi networks are just too risky to use.


As far as power requirements for the laptops they are just like the plugs here in the USA, so you're good to go!


Hotel Wifi is just like any Wifi at home except the speed and bandwidth may not match what she currently may use.


So if she has to view videos for her courses it may present a challenge depending on the speed of the internet there.


With her cell phone it may be considered roaming. Have you had a chat with your cell phone company to see what may be incurred charge wise? You can use Skype as an alternative.


And I'm sure you have the other travel details worked out as well. Hopefully this answers some of your questions.

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Re: Internet out of U.S.

Resort wi-fi may or may not be enough depending on how strong their Wi-Fi is.   I have been to a number of hotels that have Wi-Fi and it was so weak it took a long time to simply check my email. I had to go down  to the lobby and sit in the business area simply to get something passable. 


There should be no issue connecting to it though. 


Her most reliable option may be to check with your cell phone provider and find out what she would need to get data on her phone in the Caymans and use that as a hot spot and connect it to her computer.


However, I have no idea how reliable cell data would be in the Caymans.


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Re: Internet out of U.S.

Thanks for the advice