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Intel Celeron N4020 with Intel UHD 600

In July I got the Asus E410MA laptop that was $99 during the Black Friday event and I am loving it. I noticed that the Lenovo 1-I 14" laptop nearly has the same specs as the Asus.


Doing some research I found that the processor in these laptops barely outperforms some of the earlier first generation Core I3 processors that Intel put in laptops.


Even though these systems have only 4GB of ram there have been lots of games I've been able to play.


I played the game Tomb Raider which was released by Square Enix, Rage, and some other good games on the lowest detail and while it does not look that pretty the games have run pretty good. Even Lost Planet, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Devil May Cry 4 run with graphics adjustments. 


So while I don't declare this as a gaming machine it's as good as a budget can get when you are on a budget and you see a good laptop deal and so forth. 


There are other games out there too on Steam that will run on these laptops. At the very least games that list Intel Core 2 Duo on the requirements will run good with adjustments. Thought this may help people shopping at this time of year should these laptops go back on sale again 

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Re: Intel Celeron N4020 with Intel UHD 600

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