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Installing VPN software to my PC

I am trying to install VPN software given to me from my company so I  have access of my work computer from home.  I will be working from home once this works.  When I start the install process, the process begins and looks like it is working and then I get an error message:


ERROR 1722:There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.  A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your personnel or package vendor.


From there it starts to  uninstall and I get no where.  I don't know what to do from here, if anyone knows anything about Remote Access, VPN, and the above error message your help is greatly appreciated!



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Re: Installing VPN software to my PC

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Hey eelison,

I can understand the frustration with trying to install new software. I looked up the error code that you were given and it seems that it is just a generic error code that you could get with any number of software packages. There seems to be no information as to what causes this error or what can be done to fix the issue. My suggestions to you are to make sure that your computer meets the system requirements for the software and to contact your companies help desk. If they are not able to give you the assistance that you need I would recommend contacting the software support line for the company that made the VPN software.

I hope this helps!



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