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IMacs Computers

I would like to buy a imac,but I know nothing about them. Is this a good choice and why?I've never had a mac. Are they quick on all response time,as in no lag or start up ? I don't want to be a pest, but if I'm going to spend, over a grand, I want to get a real honest option, pros and cons. Thank you very much. Ron J.
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Re: IMacs Computers

With no idea what you intend to use it for mostly, or what you generally use a PC for, it is really difficult to give pros and cons outside of general terms. 


I would say probably the first concern is the type of software you use. While the gap for software available for the Macs and Window is starting to narrow from the past, there is still a large gap in certain types of software. For example, there are many many more gaming titles for Windows and I would not consider using a Mac as a gaming system due to that alone, while office type software, e-mail clients etc... there is a good variety of solutions for both types of systems.


Another thing you need to consider is while I personally find Macs are more enjoyable to use, is you have to learn to use it just like you did Windows. The basic concept is the same (point and click, multiple windows etc...), the systems are totally different so if you had trouble learning the Windows OS, while it probably will not be quite as bad, you will still have a learning curve when moving over to a Mac OS. 


These next two points, there is no comparison, Macs blow away Windows units in these areas.


The Mac OS is much more stable than Window units.


Security threats to mac systems are far less severe even though there are vulnerabilities for both systems due to most viruses etc... specifically targeting Windows vulnerabilities due to the ratio of Window:Mac users. While you cannot ignore security on a Mac, they are easier to secure, and there are far less malicious programs targeting them.


Price and performance for general usage are pretty even now unless you have heavy usage for several tasks where one could clearly be better suited than the other.


There are far more manufacturers of specific (video, sound cards etc...) hardware for PC's than there is for Macs so you have more options with a Windows PC in that regard.


While Macs are far easier to troubleshoot and resolve issues (in my opinion, software and hardware both) compared to a Windows based system, there are far less people that can repair Macs than Windows based PC's. If you rely on friends now to help you with issues at times, they might not be able to help you at all with a Mac. If you use a shop/service center/phone support the majority of the time it would be about the same as it is now for you when you do have trouble. If you do it yourself, it will be easier (assuming you troubleshoot and repair the specific issue. reinstalling the OS or doing a restore is pretty much the same) once you learn the Mac OS as well as you know the Windows OS.