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I was scammed 10-18-2016 1005 pm pdt

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I have bee scammed by adroit rescue. I rec'd a msg on my computer that I had a virus and now I know the same man scammed me before as Comoda address on latest scam is {Removed Per Forum Guidelines}. I think he lost his job at comoda where they had scammed  for {Removed Per Forum Guidelines} p;us a 3rd time 3o some odd amount . I filed with my bank and they would not do anything unless I took my computer to best buy and had it checked. The scammer called and told me me I needed security and awanted to sell me something else. I argued with him and he told me to call my bank and tell them I was  not satisfied  with the service and get the 3 payments deleted  and to call him ack and get this security  for 350.00 The bank told me not to call him back and I rec'd several phone calls from him but would not answer. I think he got fired and went to work for what he called Microsoft and scammed me again by sending me an emergeny msg that I had a bad virus and to call microsoft. Then he ended up in selling me another scam for 249.00 on the 10-18-16. I printed the copy  and gave him my debit card because I had cvancelled all of my credit cards because the bank told me he kept trying to use them and they blocked them so he has scammed mme out of close to 6 or 7  hundred dollars.  I am a 88 year old widow and do not know what I can do about this situation. Please help me get this money back because I sure cannot afford to lose it thank you {Removed Per Forum Guidelines}


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Re: I was scammed 10-18-2016 1005 pm pdt

I'm very sorry to hear you got scammed. I know you mentioned your age, but these scammers are notorious for taking advantage of Senior Citizens and they will stop at nothing to ounce every last drop of money to lock your computer and not keep their promise of unlocking it unless you pay. It happens everyday.


You did not mention if you received service from Best Buy's Geek Squad to resolve the issue. While Geek Squad services are not refundable. if you are not satisfied with the service, they can make it right by offering you a resolution to the dissatisfaction you encountered.


Unfortunately, if you got a virus as a result of falling scam to a computer lock virus, Geek Squad can take a look it but it's a paid service.


Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you lost your money, Geek Squad can't help you get it back. they can only help you remove the virus.

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Re: I was scammed 10-18-2016 1005 pm pdt

Hi Reba –


It’s upsetting to read about what happened do you, and unfortunate that as my time as a Geek Squad Agent in the past I’ve heard similar first-hand accounts from others. That said we’ll be happy to advise you.


Hockeycanuckjc correctly described what direct assistance your local Geek Squad should be able to provide in his post. However, if you feel you were the victim of an illegal scam you should absolutely report this to your local law enforcement or any consumer protection agencies within your state.



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