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I got a question

Hey I recently bought a laptop from BestBuy.  When I bought it I somehow got into my head that it had a good video card (which it doesn't).  I was just wondering if I could bring it into bestbuy and purchase a better video card and have geek squad install it. 
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Re: I got a question

It is very rare to find a laptop with an upgradable graphics chip.  Best buy does not sell them in store or online, I doubt geek squad would be able or willing to install one if you brought one in.  Most of the time the chip is soldered into the laptop and hard to get to, if it is removable you MIGHT be able to buy it from the manufacturer.
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Re: I got a question

Hello Pecx!


Welcome to the forums.  In addition to MtnXfreeride’s comment, you may read the following posts for further information:



Please continue using the forums and let us know if you need further help with your purchase.

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