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How to clear inaccessible misc files?

My 10" 16G tablet model NS-15AT10 internal memory is full due to 10G of misc files that are not visiible and accessible.  The tablet is not performing well due to lack of internal memory.  I cannot download and install any file manager / clean app due to low internal memory.  Is there anyway to clear the misc files?       

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Re: How to clear inaccessible misc files?

Hello ST60,

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The misc files are most likely cached data from applications, you might have to go into your applist and clear the cache from the most used apps one at a time until you have enough free space to download a file manager.

Another option would be to reset the tablet back to factory settings, which will clear all saved memory on it.

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Re: How to clear inaccessible misc files?

You are probably past this, but you can go into Settings->Storage and tap on Misc. This will present a list of these file.  On the left margin of each entry is a checkbox;tap that and a trashcan will be presented at the top.  Be careful with what is deleted!