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Help with purchase

I’m looking into buying a new laptop below are the links to the two I’m considering. Would love for some advice. My understanding is that the processor on the hp one is better but do I still rather the lenova for the ssd?
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Re: Help with purchase

Both are very good choices.  As far as processor speed goes I doubt if you would notice a difference and would only detect a difference if you hooked up an app that tested processing speed. 


These systems are designd for of office work (Word, Excel , etc...), social media, web browsing, email. and basic photo editing. The 8 GB of  memory will have more significant effect. 


I would go with the Lenovo as it has a solid state drive.  Even though it is 25% of the size. Your not going to be loading big games and applications on these machines so 256 GB will go a long way.  That will still hold LOTS of photos and music. 


The solid state drive will be better on battery time and will boot up a lot faster.

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Re: Help with purchase

I agree with Bobberuchi in saying that the solid state hard drive is the way to go. With Windows 10, the processor is getting pretty minimal usage with nearly any Intel i5 level processor. The Envy has a 7200 RPM hard drive, which is better than some...but the SSD will blow it out of the water in terms of noticeable responsiveness in daily use.

I run the IT department for a college and we were getting some complaints that our above average computers were running poorly. I went through and upgraded all of the hard drives to SSDs and had everyone convinced that we got new computers.

You probably could replace the hard drive on the Envy if you really liked the design or whatever. It's usually not super easy to swap components on these types of computers, but I haven't worked on the Envy x360 transformer laptop.
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