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Help with purchase of a PC for a Plasmacam machine..


My husband needs to purchase a computer for a PlasmaCAM which is a metal cutting system.  He has charged me with this task since I know a little more about this stuff than he does.  Although I have no idea what some of these items mean on the requirement list.


Below is a list of requirements for the pc on the PlasmaCAM sheet that husband gave me.  What exactly do we need to buy and can I get it at any old Wal-Mart or Best Buy?


In advance--I sure appreciate the help!!  I have no idea what I am looking at here it possible to get anything like this anymore or does it have to be made special? Is this something that the geek squad at best buy can make happen for me? thanks so much!


 The computer must have these requirements to run this machine..


*Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz or equivilent/faster PC

*Windows 7

*DVD ROM drive with and 10 GB free hard disk space

*Standard bi-directional EPP or PS/2 mode (5V preferred) parallel port--dedicated strictly for controlling the PlasmaCAM cutting table.  A true physical parallel port is required (not a USB to parallel converter, for example)

*IEEE 1284 compliant parallel port cable (optimum length is 6 foot)

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Re: Help with purchase of a PC for a Plasmacam machine..

That must be a pretty old plasma cutter.



I don't think they have made computers with a PS/2 connection for some time since around 2000


EPP is even older and have not really been standard since USB became popular.


Windows 7 is getting harder and harder to get but it is still available. 


Your best bet may be to find a mom and pop shop that can possibly add those two things in.


fortunalty you can still buy parallel port cards.



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