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Help with Trend Micro

For some reason, I can't even figure this out. my mom is having issues with her Trend Micro program. She was having problems so she uninstalled it. She did it the proper way by going though Trend Micro itself and doing the uninstall option there. But when she went to go reinstall it, it keeps telling her she already has it downloaded [now it is a 3 time use program, not 1] so that's already counted out. She went to add/remove programs to make sure the program was completely removed, it was. So what could be the issue? Also, she went online and apparently others are having this same issue to. I am going to talk to my friend who works in the geek squad today so I can see if he could help me out with it. But I wanted feedback from any handy dandy geek squad/computer employees on here too.
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Re: Help with Trend Micro

Some programs leave behind scrap files. You can manually delete the program by going to


C:\Program files\


and deleting the folder called "Trend Micro".

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Re: Help with Trend Micro

PCGeek is correct, make sure you rerstart the computer after removing the program, and any folders left behind.  Installing a program, after you just deleted it without a restart is pointless, and will not work.