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Help transfering data using the hard drive docking station

I just bought the Insignia NS-PCHDEDS19 Dual Hard Drive Docking Station so I could recover a hard drive from my laptop that won't boot up windows anymore.


So i followed the minimal instructions that come in the box (looked online for more but got the same) and inserted the HD into the Docking Station and fired her up. But it keeps saying I have to format the hard drive first. I dare not because the whole point of this is to rescue everything I had on the laptop.


My knowledge of the word FORMAT is to wipe clean what is on that disk or in this case hard drive and reformat its basics to start over.


So I need HELP or I'll be returning this device loking for a method to retrieve my data.


Thanks in advance



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Re: Help transfering data using the hard drive docking station

Assuming your going from windows or mac to mac, that would generally mean the hard drive is bad and you wont get any data off it. It could also mean the drive is encrypted to.only be used in the machine it came out of. The best thing to do is take it to a professional like the geek squad for confirmation as it would not be somthing that should be done remotely.
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Re: Help transfering data using the hard drive docking station



Welcome to our community.


nckhammond has all the right answers. There is nothing really to add except to say you can visit Geek Squad online to schedule a time to speak with an Agent at the store about your hard drive. Alternatively, Insignia Support may have some useful tips too; you can reach them via (877) 467-4289


I hope this helps. Thank you for writing to us.

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