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Help on in-store pickup availability - vagueness

Basically, I'm looking to purchase one of the laptops here. Problem being, it has only in-store pickup. That's not a problem for me, I'd run out and buy the laptop in a heartbeat, but here's my conundrum - I don't know how to tell if any given store actually HAS the product. Here's a screenshot to show why I'm all wary:


 Not sure what to make of this...


On one hand, the text tells me that any store with the City and State names in bold have the product. That's all well and good, but... then what's with the big unavailable tag next to every single city? This is bothering me, as I'm not sure which to believe here. Can someone tell me if this is either unavailable everywhere or available everywhere? Because I'm not totally confident to pick one here.

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Re: Help on in-store pickup availability - vagueness

the area in bold is because it is letting you know easiley where it is at look at the 2 at the bottom diffrent name both in colombus. basically your local area does not carry that comp
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Re: Help on in-store pickup availability - vagueness

even though it says it will show up in bold lettering, the color of the bold lettering will be different if it is available. also it will have an add to cart tab next to the city and state if it is available.