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Help needed for Fire Dept purchase

We have a volunteer fire department and need to upgrade or desktop pc. It will be used to run programs for training records, maintenance records, as well as daily run records that have to be completed online now. We are in the process of putting 2 iPads on our apparatus to give directions to calls as well as to use when doing equipment/ truck check off paperwork each week. I guess I need the desktop to be able to download information from the iPads or at least need to be able to transfer it. I don’t know if this requires me to use an apple desktop or not. I also need it to hook to a wireless printer. I want a mid size monitor at the pc (in our office) but also want to be able to hook to a large tv in our meeting/training rooms to play videos and have a wireless keyboard/ mouse so that we can use this large tv and bigger area when I need the input of several people into what is being done online. We are not up to date on pc’s or what we should look at buying so we were hoping for some opinions to get us going in the right direction. Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling and please provide feedback if possible.
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Re: Help needed for Fire Dept purchase

I don't want to detract from Best Buy but you might be better served by contracting out to a local firm to set everything up for you.


For what you want to pretty much any computer will do the trick.  You won't need to necessarily have an Apple computer.   They syncs will all be program drivin.  We deploy a fleet of iPads and they send data to our Windows PC's all the time.

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