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Help me pick out a new laptop!

Hi everyone.


So I'm looking to buy a new laptop. I'm having difficulty narrowing down my options. What I'm looking for:


Windows 8,1 OS (nothing against Windows 10, I simply need 8.1 for software compatibility reasons)


Full keyboard (backlit would be great but not a dealbreaker)

Screensize between 13 and 17"

Solid state hard drive preferable

At least 16 GB of RAM


I'm planning on downloading a ton of software (specifically statistics packages and similar programs) and running them simultaneously. I need a lot of RAM to keep up. Don't care so much about graphics (not a gamer).


Any advice you could afford would be very helpful. Thank you!

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Re: Help me pick out a new laptop!

Well actually you only have one choice with Pre-Windows 10 and 16gb of RAM


  • Model: LENOVO Y70 - 80DU00DSUS


If will get harder and harder to find windows 8 or 7 installed. However Windows 8 is closer to Windows 10 than 8 is to 7


If I may ask what is the specific software you want to run?  You may want to check with the developer to see if they are coming out with a Windows 10 patch or version.


I have installed a lot of Windows 7 or 8 software on my Windows 10 machine with no ill effects.  But I have not tried SQL or Oracle databases or in a LAN other than my home network

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