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Help me pick out a laptop!

So I'm majoring in Cyber Security and i just want suggestions on what laptop will be the best and last me the longest. My price range will most likely be $0 - $1200. Thank you! For any suggestions you all send.

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Re: Help me pick out a laptop!

Lasting the longest will be mostly influenced on how you treat your laptop.


Ask your professors what you should get as far as requirements.


Would they recommend iOS, Windows, Linux?


The Dell Vostro could be a good place to start


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Re: Help me pick out a laptop!

Vostro was a popular name for business leasing back in the day with Dell as they help up real good in the professional work place. The same is today as its a household name for how well they are built and don't have as much nonsense loaded on the machine such as pre-loaded offers and so forth.


They may still do that today I dont know.


bobberuchi does make a good point about how you treat it. Do you see yourself taking it everywhere you go or? You will also want a good slip cover or case to help you protect it when its not in use.

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Re: Help me pick out a laptop!

I thought the Vostro line was literally thier cheapest business line. The latitudes seemed quit a bit better.

I'm really liking the Ryzen laptops, lots of bang for your buck, but they tend to be non business models so you have to treat them a bit nicer Smiley Happy