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Help finding the right computer

I need help finding a great computer. i have always used Toshiba. i will be using it for a business i don't like macs they are to expensive. i love my toshiba but its starting to over heat and not stayed powered on. what i would like it long battery life and just an all aound great computer.

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Re: Help finding the right computer

 If you own a business, I would suggest checking out Best Buy for Business as they have well built products for these needs that would allow you achieve what you need done on a day to day business at a great price.

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Re: Help finding the right computer

I have used a Dell laptop for years and it doesn't have overheating problem. It might be your good choice, I think.

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Re: Help finding the right computer

Although there are exceptions, a company called Quanta makes most of the Dells, HPs, and Toshibas, Mac Books. A company called Compal makes most of the Acer and Lenovo units.
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Re: Help finding the right computer

Quanta is the final assembler for many big electronic names including Dell, HP, Apple, Vizeo, Sony, Sun Verizon etc.


But that is very true of many products for sale.  Example, there are acutally only a small number of manufacturers for Furncaces and AC units, but many many brand names.


However, in the case of Qunta Apple and other companies can and do stipulate certain standards that Quanta has to stand behind.


IBM use the be the number one computer. Not just in sale but in quality.  That is becuase they were very particular about the quality of components that would go into their computers.  Each component is tested and given a score at manufacuring.  Say on a scale of 0 to 100.  0 being epic fail.  IBM would only purchase components that would score very very high say above 97.5.  So those components would cost more but perform better overall.  Lesser components would go to companies that sold less expensive computers. Now my info is a dated but I am willing to bet something very similar goes on today.



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