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Help! Vista Audio Settings issue (I think)

Ok, I admit it.  I'm in way over my head.  Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Last Spring I bought a new Sony Vaio laptop (with bluray drive and HDMI out), Sony XBR LCD, and Yamaha receiver (1 HDMI out - 2 HDMI in) from a local Best Buy.  I brought everything home, hooked them up and things worked perfectly.  I had the laptop playing Bluray movies and MP3's through the HDMI cable to the receiver.  I migrated to the east coast for the summer and when I returned home, I can see my computer screen on the TV and watch movies...but there is no sound (no DVD sounds, no iTunes, no Vista bleeps and bloops) coming from the receiver (they do work correctly if I use the laptop speakers).


I have the laptop connected via HDMI to the "DVD" spot on the back.  I also have the satellite box connected (via HDMI) to the receiver in the "TV" spot.  When I select "TV" on the receiver I get audio and video from the satellite service.  When I swap the cables nothing changes.  I've tried hooking the laptop to the "TV" connection on the receiver but continue to have the same issue.



I suspect there is a setting wrong on the laptop (if the receiver is able to process the video from the laptop, wouldn't it process the audio from the same source?).  I'm a Vista novice and haven't been able to sort this out.


I have gone to the Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Manage Audio Devices.  The "Digital Output Device (HDMI)" is set as the default and says "working properly".  



Where else should I be looking when trying to figure out why I have video playing but not audio?  Again, many thanks for any help!