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HP Service Center At Bestbuy...

Does anyone know how it works? And what all I need to do? Because, I need to send my laptop to HP to get it fixed and they told me to contact BestBuy to help me backup my files and that they will put them on to DVDs, etc for me. How would I exactly go there and do this? Would I need to call first and let them know, or just walk in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! :]
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Re: HP Service Center At Bestbuy...

best buy don't really have a HP service center. it's called Geek Squad, which is pretty much they fix any computer and any brand.


you can just walk-in to any best buy store, and request a "less than 10gb back up" ($99 <---- double check with your store first) or "more than 10gb back up" ($159.99 <----double check with your store too). depends how many files you have.


you leave the computer to them and wait several days. if you're in luck, like if they're not busy at all you probably will get it back in the same day if you go in the morning. if you go at night u'll probably have to leave the computer over night. if they ARE busy and have a lot of customer, you probably have to wait a several days for them to get it done.

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Re: HP Service Center At Bestbuy...

best buy is the only leaglly licensed HP service center outside of HP