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HP Pavillion A1700n Start-up error

We can't get our desktop to start-up (yes, we're on Vista- came with the machine).  We have tried running the "launch system repair" feature but no OS comes up in the list for it to run and then seems to get stuck in the "Attempting to repair problems" for 4+ hours at a time.  Are we going to have to do a system recover and lose all our info?  Does this machine automatically route personal data to D drive or are we going to get hosed when we do a system recover?


Anyone had this issue and have a miracle solution?



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Re: HP Pavillion A1700n Start-up error

Hi aecboyd!

In case you didn’t find a “miracle solution” I wanted to at least answer your base question(s): “Depends...” Yes, using the Windows System Recovery to “roll back” a few days is good to try until you find another date that works. However, I’ll state the obvious: if “no OS comes up” you might have bigger problems that System Recovery can’t fix.

Many computers use the “D drive” to host the restore partition and thus may not store your personal data on the same partition. Some recovery disks allow the operating system only to be reinstalled without being destructive to all the data on the hard drive. This is what we call a “soft restore” whereas a “full restore” will typically wipe all data from the drive; knowing the difference and how to execute effectively can be tricky for basic users. The tone of your post suggests your data is important, so please do not try anything further until an attempt to backup has been performed and then your hard disk drive (HDD) has been tested for hardware failure. It would not make sense to go through all of that restoring if your HDD is failing. While you are at Best Buy® ask a Geek Squad® Agent to also show you an external hard drive or ask them about our
Online Automated Backup services. Best of luck!
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