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HP Omen 2017 Laptop with RX Radeon 580 and intel core i7 lag

Started having odd Lag issues with my computer around November 2019 and as knowing the computers only two years old and this made me wonder hugely. I had asked a few friends around that are very technology based in building PCs and even a few IT members And what they had recommended was the fact that my memory might be dying. Anyone else know what this could possibly be?
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Re: HP Omen 2017 Laptop with RX Radeon 580 and intel core i7 lag

To help clear lag issues there are a number of things that should be done regularly.

Restart your computer and open nothing.

Open your browser can clear their entire history, especially cookies.

From the search on your screens lower left corner search for Startup Tasks and open that.

You will see a listing of all Startup Apps.  Determine, which, if any you don’t need starting when you start your computer.  For example if you have Discord on your computer you use it for gaming, you don’t need that to automatically start when you start your computer. 

Go to Windows Explorer and right click on your C: drive and select Properties

IF you have less than 15% disk space left that is an issue.  Uninstall or move things you do not need anymore.

If your boot disk is a relatively small SSD (under 120 mb) your best practice is to never use it for anything but your OS and basic default programs like Outlook, MS Office etc.

Try to get your free space above 30%

Run Disk Cleanup from the Properties window.  Click all the check boxes to Delete run.  The longer it takes the more garbage you have on your machine.  You should also see how much you are freeing up before you run it.

Then from the properties window select Tools and run Optimize.  This used to be called Disk Defragmenter but that does not work the same with SSD’s (if you have one)

Run that on all your drives.

Then Run Error Checking from the Tools tab.  If may prompt you to schedule a check on restart.  Do so and restart.  It make take a few seconds to several hours.  But it helps.

Now after all this is done you should have better performance.

A good practice is to Clear the browser and run disk cleanup once a week.


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Re: HP Omen 2017 Laptop with RX Radeon 580 and intel core i7 lag

I like adwcleaner from malwarebytes. It's a one time use cleanup program that doesnt stay running in the background.
Also if your omen didnt come with the ssd, only a regular hdd installing an ssd may make it much faster.
Also if its using that silly "obtaine ram" instead of real ram, add some ram Smiley Happy and double check that the obtain or intel irst drivers are actually running. Obtain ram doesnt do much but helps a little.