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HP Envy x360 Broken screen

I dropped my HP Envy x360 and the screen popped out of the shell. I pushed it back in but there's a few problems to it now. The side of the screen is cracked a little. Its a touchscreen and i know getting a touch screen fixed is expensive. I don't really care about the touchscreen part to be honest. However, now every time i try to move the screen, it starts to click things on it's own. I think maybe the touch screen configuration is out of place or something with the aluminum shell. is this something fixable? and does anyone know where and how much? 


Everything else works perfectly fine. it's just slightly annoying to not be able to open or close the laptop. Help appreciated

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Re: HP Envy x360 Broken screen

Under the device manager, go to Human Interfaces and disable HID Touch Screen. Your unit will act like a normal laptop now.

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Re: HP Envy x360 Broken screen

Hi tvuong0730,

Welcome to the BestBuy forums.I can only imagine how frustrating it is right now without the touchscreen operating as it should. It's strange how we have developed so much technology wise once upon a time we went crazy if our touchpad didn't work right either.

I will have to agree with Hockey on this one there isn't much else you can do about the situation without getting a repair done. If you have the Geek Squad protection plan I would encourage you to seek out that team of experts.
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Re: HP Envy x360 Broken screen



did you ever figure out what to do. I just did the exact same thing and i just want to be able to close it. Everything else appears to be top shape. Nothing broken, screen works, and I just don't know what to do. Thanks.