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HP - ENVY 14" Laptop / Gaming Laptop?

Does anyone know if the HP - ENVY 14" Laptop - 8GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive - Silver is using the 34 bit or 64 bit operating system and if this will be an ok gaming computer.
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Re: HP - ENVY 14" Laptop / Gaming Laptop?

It does not have a discrete graphics card, so no, it will not be very good at gaming.

99% chance that it's 64bit, but I couldn't verify.

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Re: HP - ENVY 14" Laptop / Gaming Laptop?

8gb of RAM... it's 64bit.
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Re: HP - ENVY 14" Laptop / Gaming Laptop?

Hello Shaco,


Thanks for your interest in the HP Envy.  As was indicated, it is best to have a discrete graphics card if you plan to use your notebook for gaming.  I glanced through some of the models at the Best Buy website and couldn't tell whether this is would be an orderable option for Best Buy.  Perhaps one of the moderators can assist.



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