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Re: Good Router?

Be sure to always read professional reviews from sites such as c-net before you buy. Personal reviews can often be fueled by emotion.
The views expressed in this post are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of Best Buy's. But you can expect them to make you chuckle.
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Re: Good Router?


@Rayne wrote:

I need a new router that supports both wireless and wired internet (I currently only have wired internet, I'd like both). I think all routers nowadays currently do both.


What's a good one? Last year, I bought a wireless router from Best Buy and it was incredibly hard to set up, I had to do it about 7 times before it worked and it didn't work with my desktop even though I bought a USB thing that enables it to work with wireless internet.


There aren't many reviews on the Best Buy website, so if anyone has any opinions, please post here. Thank you =]

USB adapters are NOT a good choice for desktops as they aren't meant to be used with them and they should only be used on older notebooks which can't be upgraded with the latest wireless technology via wireless card replacement. Get a wireless add-in card for your desktop.


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Re: Good Router?

If I get a router that works with both wired/Ethernet and wireless internet, I won't need do that.