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Good Multitasking/Decent Gaming Laptop

Hello, I'm not really a tech savvy person at all, so I'm posting here looking for some help buying a new laptop. I'd like something that can run multiple programs at once, such as microsoft word, itunes, internet (with mulitiple tabs open), etc. and that can also handle playing a few games. Not necessarily a gaming laptop, but I'd like it to handle playing things like Fallout 4 and Skyrim and things like that. I'm very partial to HP, but would be willing to look outside if the system is right. I'd also like it to be relatively lightweight, although that isn't a huge requirement (I'm a college student, so I'd like something a bit lighter, but my biggest priority is multitasking and light gaming). However, I am trying to find one that's a bit on the cheaper side. I'd say about $800-900 at most if possible, but definitely not over $1,000. I tried looking at the requirements for the games themselves, but I didn't really understand all the specs, and how that would translate to multitasking smoothly, so any help would be appreciated!