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Geek Squad Keyboard Repair Question

Hello, I own a Dell G17 7790. I'm currently having an issue with my keyboard keys. For example when I press the 't' key a random action is done such as typing out different letters or tabbing to something else. This is happening to several keys. Another example is the control key would be pressed and 'qu.\' would be the output. Would Geek Squad be able to repair this issue?
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Re: Geek Squad Keyboard Repair Question

Can they? Probably. You would have to take it for a quote, they would send it off and it could take a few weeks. Depending on. The keyboard they may have to replace the upper case as well. I would assume a couple hundred dollars min.

Should they? Probably not. This is 99.999% caused by some.kind of liquid spill. Often other parts may corrode or go bad over time on the motherboard.
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Re: Geek Squad Keyboard Repair Question

Hello, Rex147! 


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy Forums page. I can understand how you are feeling today, dealing with a keyboard that is not working correctly. Our Geek Squad Agent are highly skills and will try their Best Buy to repair any issue that is presented to them in a timely manner. I would suggest to click here to make an appointment to visit your local Best Buy Geek Squad Team. 


If you have anymore questions or concerns, please reach out and let me know. 


Thank you, 


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Re: Geek Squad Keyboard Repair Question

Geek Squad can help with just about anything you can think of computer related. FYI do you have a warranty on it? If so Best Buy can help direct you to warranty support if it's a covered defect. But I am not certain if Best Buy is considered an authorized Dell repair facility. 

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