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I wanna know what is a great pc that can stream and game really good at the same time one that is 900$ - 1200$
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Re: Gaming/Streaming

Generally you can get more computer for your money with a desktop over a laptop. However, you will also need to invest in a monitor.  I would suggest getting a really good monitor and you will game with it for many years and through several computers.  I had an NEC monitor that I gamed with for 14 years.


I personally game with a laptop becuase I really don't have a great place to set up a desktop.  


That being written, Best Buy carries a really good line of iBuyPower and CyberPower PC gaming towers that are more budget friendly systems. Howeverv, they also carry a line of Dell, HP, Asus, and others that are really solid systems. 


HP Omen


While this one is at the top of your budget it is a massive gaming beast.  A computer with this build would have run over $2000 18 months ago. It is just a hair better than what I have right now. What I have performs great.  Keep in mind you would still need a monitor.




This one is closer to your budget, however, you do lose a little on the processor speed, the video card speed. however it shoudl still be a solid gaming PC.  Granted neither of these will allow for gaming at max settings, but will still give a good showing of themselves. 



the PC is only a piece of the streaming experience.


As important or more important to streaming is your internet connection, modem, and router you have in your game space.  If your internet connection speed is too low then no matter how expensive of a computer you have your gaming experience will be lack luster.


On your exisitng computer find and do an internet speed test from your game space. 


On your computer go to the search in the lower left and type in   The result is a BING approved test site.



Just click the Start button.  The test looks like a speedometer.  When it is done your results will be posted as a Ping, Download, and Upload.  If you have the ability tro run the test both via wi-fi and by connecting your computer to your router with and ethernet cable I would suggest doing that as well. 






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