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Gaming Computer and Monitor

Hi everyone,


I'm looking for a simple gaming computer that I can get. I want to get something cheap; I'm willing to spend about $400-$500 on a computer. I'm new to buying computers, so I don't know how to build one, so it would be great if the computer was pre-built. Right now, I'm using a Surface Pro 3, but this doesn't run games really smoothly; it has 4 GB of RAM, so I can only run medium quality games, not anything like GTA V or Fallout 4. 


Right now, I have my eye on a Cybertron PC [Link], as it fits my requirments, but I was just wondering if anyone could give me a better computer to buy.



1 TB of storage

16 GB of ram

4 GB graphics card

Color - Red, black, orange, green, or blue. Doesn't matter.


I'm also looking for a monitor, prefferably one about 20", that costs about $50. 





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Re: Gaming Computer and Monitor

Exciting it is to get into an actual gaming computer.

The Surface Pro is a great device, but as you have found not sufficient for gaming.  Your bigger hang ups right now are not actually the RAM but more to the Graphics and the storage unit.  Graphic being integrated and the storage being more of a large SD card similar to SSD but not as fast.


I used to build my own gaming machines But when you really crunch the numbers on the build  you want there was not a  huge amount of savings.  Unless you can buy the parts at wholesale prices. 




The first thing to look for in an actual gaming computer is if it has a dedicated graphics card sometimes referred to as the GPU.  A machine built for gaming will almost alwasy have a GPU. You will see types referred to as integrated and descrete.  Integrated is what you have on your surface. 


The CybertronPC Electrum Desktop you selected is a good solid machine. However to be perfecty honest you would have a slugish time running GTA V on it.  The machine has great RAM, but a pretty low end GPU compared to some of the cards AMD is puttint out now


You may want to consider bumping up to the Cybertron PC Rhodium Desktop.  The R7 card as compared to the R5 is a bit of a step up.


For the monitor I don't think Best Buy carries anything around $50. Other than the refurbished Acer models.

That would be a decent place to start but you would want to then save up your money for a little higher end model.


A good quality monitor is something that you can use for years.  Asus has some really good gaming monitors out there.  The $50 monitor, most likely not support the hightest resolution that the graphcis card is capable of providing. 



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