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Flash drive/memory stick problems

I recently disconnected my flash drive from my lap top and when I went to use it again I couldn't get at any of the documents and files saved on it. I took it to the Technical Support Group on campus to have them help me get the information off, but they had not clue either. I need help..All of my homework for school is on there and I need to get at it. Any suggestions?
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Re: Flash drive/memory stick problems

Well, could be malfunctioned, that's what happened with me a few times. There's only one way to get it off, and that's to detach the casing of it, and plug it in while moving it around in the USB, no matter how much you bend it, that's how I did mine.
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Re: Flash drive/memory stick problems

Hello, Lilmac21,


Oh, I wish that didn't happen to drives!  Sorry to hear about your USB drive. Be sure you do not, I repeat DO NOT, wiggle anything plugged into a USB port.  Jamming or wiggling the USB connector risks shocking the system and possibly breaking off the port from the motherboard. Loss of data can occur from static or when a device is not properly "ejected" or disconnected.  In Windows there is a "Safely Remove Hardware" icon with a green arrow on the task bar near the clock. Click on it and select the device you want to disconnect.  You may see a message "Safe to remove hardware" to indicate you should remove the device.


There are various software that may help you recover files but only purchase or download software form the manufacturer or a trusted retailer. I have not used System Mechanic but have heard others suggest this software as a possible solution.  Drive recovery software may work occasionally if the data is still intact. Just do not get your hopes up as this does not work for physically damaged drives or may not retrieve whole files.  Any additional suggestions?

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Re: Flash drive/memory stick problems

System Mechanic claims to speed up your computer by a certain percentage, but I find the Geek Squad's optimization process to be quicker since Mechanic is very slow at diagnosing and the fixing process takes forever. Best to run that program on a day you are not doing anything.
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