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External monitor for MacBook Air 2018

I’m driving myself crazy. I’ve been searching for an external monitor for awhile now and I just can’t decide. I’ve researched more than I can count. I have a USB-C adaptor with an HDMI port but I’m wondering if just spending the money on a monitor with a USB-C port would be beneficial in the long run! Is it worth spending the money on a wireless keyboard to not need so many ports? The questions are endless! Anyone have any suggestions on monitors? I’m not a gamer, only use it for work. Not a designer either. I need more screen real estate as I always have multiple screens going at once. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: External monitor for MacBook Air 2018

I feel it is always best to go direct rather than through and adapter.  My preference would be using the USB-C port.


But you do a premium for that.


At my office when we conect laptops to an external monitor we use a docking station.  The docking station plugs into the USB-C on the laptop and then we plug in mouse, keyboard, and two monitors and it works very well. 


This way you just plug in a single cord to your laptop and your ready to go. I am not certain with the Air but for my Dell Laptop it also charges the laptop

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Re: External monitor for MacBook Air 2018

Hey there, Peachry77! 


You have a series of great questions. Honestly, I think bobberuchi did a fantastic job throwing his opinion in, and I'm inclined to agree on much of it. For example, a USB-C monitor with no adapters needed would be convenient! 


I just wanted to stop by and see if you still needed help selecting a monitor. If you do, please clarify both the size you would want, as well as if it needs to be VESA compatible, and I'll be glad to throw a suggestion or two your way. 

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