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External Hard Drive or CD's

I am debating whether or not to buy an external hard drive for my movies that I have on my computer. They are taking up space that I want to free up, but I dont know whether I should just buy blank DVD disks or move them to an external hard drive. I don't know very much about them. I did my research but I've never actually used one and I learn better by experience. However, I dont want to go out and buy one if it's not going to serve the purpose I need it for.
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Re: External Hard Drive or CD's

Very little boxed software is available on disk now. It is basically a scratch off card inside a box.


Unless you really need it, it's not really needed. I have one but I really only use it for travel to watch a movie on my laptop and that's about it.


Now an external drive is a different thing. If your computer has a USB 3 Port you will gain fast playback and bigger data transfer speeds.


I use a 4TB USB Type C External HDD for my games and also a program called Portable Apps because my main HDD is a 128gb SSD and I save everything to the external drive.


As far as your movies go, how high in quality are they? You would need a Dual Layer disk for the best quality obviously.


Although I am pretty sure your'e not doing so, I remind you that burning copyrighted media is illegal so please use rewritable media within lawful means.

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