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External Hard Drive Missing Memory

I am currently having a problem with an external hard drive I recently purchased.

Basically the problem is that my hard drive is currently showing that there is only 918 GB available for storage and there is no data downloaded on it. I had downloaded 2 games onto it and tried to delete them when I plugged it into my computer. Nothing shows up when I look in the storage.

So there's data taking up space that isn't accessible.


Is there anyone that could help me fix this problem?

It's not necessary that the data is recovered, I really just want to get it completely reformatted and have the amount of storage it had originally.



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Re: External Hard Drive Missing Memory

Hey TaylorShmaylor, this is a common question that people have in regards to computer storage. Let me first assure you that there's nothing really wrong here.

The problem is that hard drive manufacturers use "base-10" numbers to measure hard drive size while the actual size is measured in "base-2" numbers.

This means that hard drive manufacturers will say their 1000GB drive is 1TB. However, while they say 1 KB = 1000 bytes, it's actually 1024 bytes. Once this is multiplied all the way up to 1TB drives, you're left with about 931GB in true storage.

On top of this, the hard drive will usually come with some extra software for automated backups. If you want to get the maximum storage possible for this drive (roughly 931GB), right click on the drive under "Computer" and select "Format". Select NTFS and format. Tihs will wipe everything on the drive and set it to be as clean as possible.
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Re: External Hard Drive Missing Memory

Yeah it's complicated on that end to do the math but it's not real math that's computed but bits and pieces.

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Re: External Hard Drive Missing Memory

did you look in your primary drive?? did you specify the external to be the target drive when loading said games?? always good to put a "label" on extra drives. so you know what is what.. i bet they are in the internal drive in another partition.