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External Hard Drive-By Toshiba


I have an external Toshiba Hard Drive and it has been working fine up until 1 week ago. According to the laptop my external hard drive is working well still but when I plug it into my laptop a message pops up saying G:/ drive Access denied...

The light on the external hard drive still flickers like it's working, but......So I cannot access all my precious files on the external hard drive.


I desperately need to retrieve these important files and then copy to my laptop aswell.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.



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Re: External Hard Drive-By Toshiba

Did you put a password on the drive by mistake? Is your computer infected with Malware or perhaps the drive? 


There have been some reports with Windows 10 where the anniversary update remders your External USB 3.0 drive useless unless you format it in another format. 


Can you plug it into another computer and see if it works?



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Re: External Hard Drive-By Toshiba


Thank you for your response. 

I did not put a password on by accident and also have an anti virus program on my laptop that catches any viruses.

If windows 10 update is responsible for the issue then how does one reformat?

The issue has been ever since I looked at my files on my tv, then after unplugging from my TV I plugged drive into my laptop and then it said access denied. Not sure why.


Thank you 



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Re: External Hard Drive-By Toshiba

Try it on a different computer.


Just to rule out if it is an issue on your current sytem or the HDD itself.



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