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Ended up buying a prebuilt pc from Best Buy bc of mislabelled price.

I went to Best Buy to start my process of building a pc. I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about technology but I have no clue about building a pc. The sales rep at Best Buy (who I know) was very knowledgeable and was trying his best to help me get the parts I needed but could tell I was getting confused. I walked him over to the computer section to a prebuilt demo CyberPowerPC I had been looking at the week before that was $1400. I told him that it might be easier with my limited knowledge to start with this and then start upgrading parts. The actual computer box was on the shelf below the demo but misprinted as $1150 and said he has no choice but to give it to me at that price if I want it. I bought it and thanked him profusely for the good deal.

The question is should I have still tried to build my own pc?

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Re: Ended up buying a prebuilt pc from Best Buy bc of mislabelled price.

I learned about building them by taking my first one and taking it apart when I got my second one.


The basics have changed little in decades. 


I decided to build a gaming PC once, and after pricing the parts it really did not save me much money. 


I would suggest looking at PC Part Picker


Their site will show you a list of the components you need and then you pick your components.  

It will filter choices to show compatible components based on previous choices. 


What is very handy is you can sort prices by merchant.  For example an Intel i5 136000k I selected.  Then sort by seller.

Best Buy shows up in the list as the Best Price. I can choose it and it opens the BB site and prompts you to put it in your cart. 


There is also a filter to show only items that BB carries. 

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