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Enabling Stereo Mix on Surface Laptop 3

Hey out there,

I am having quite a hard time getting Stereo Mix to appear in my recording devices on the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3.  The case is simple: I want Stereo Mix because I'm an audio editor and it's extremely useful in pulling audio cues from online.  I've tried these options so far:

  • Showing disabled devices in the sound control panel (not there)
  • Uninstalling the drivers (only to have them automatically reinstall upon reboot)
  • Running the Realtek driver install wizard AND manually picking a Realtek driver to install (Stereo Mix appeared for a day or so and then disappeared)
  • Downloading the latest drivers for the Surface Laptop 3 (nothing)

Any ideas?  I'd rather not pay $99.99 for tech support. Smiley Wink



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Re: Enabling Stereo Mix on Surface Laptop 3

Alot of the time, laptops only have stero mics to help remove background noise but the audio can only be seen by the OS as mono, this is a hardware problem with lots of laptops, I sugest purchasing a proper sterio mic setup