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Employee Product Knowledge

Just got home from my local Best Buy and got a pretty good deal on what I went in for.  Needed a 4GB USB Drive to install Linux onto.  Found branded Geek Squad flash drives: 4GB - $12.99 & 8GB - $19.99.  Seeing how I had a $30 christmas gift card to spend, I couldn't resist one of each.  One for Linux and one for the USB Audio port in my Fit Sport!


Reading the front and back of the blister packs was LESS than informative.  A little bit of actual data and the rest 'cutesy' prose.  Now, I'm sure it's going to do what I need, and that's act as an install stick for Linux on my MSI Wind for one and MP3 storage on the other.  I was not worried about whether it was M$ ReadyBoost compatible; but I was curious about whether or not it was.  At $12.99 for 4GB, that would be a nice boost for the desktop running Vista.


Of course, couldn't find a soul in the area of computers and accessories.  I'll just ask one of the Geek Squad on my way out the door.  Find one of the 'white shirt boys' behind the desk.  Hold up the two packages of branded Geek Squad USB flash drives and ask, "are these ReadyBoost compatible?"  He promptly answers, "Yes.  ALL USB flash drives are ReadyBoost compatible."  Well, now, that's funny.  I plugged every USB flash drive I owned into my Vista desktop when I got it and found otherwise.  That included a Kingston 1TGB DataTraveler (DTI/1GB).  I mentioned the fact that not all WERE compatible.  Of course, he argues the point and tells me that 'ALL' USB flash drives are ReadyBoost compatible.  O.K.  I didn't buy these for that purpose, the package doesn't address it one way or another and he's sure THESE are.


Get home, plug them in to the desktop out of curiosity and . . . wait for it . . . Da Duh!  The branded Geek Squad flash drives ARE NOT compatible with M$ Vista ReadyBoost.  Hmmm, I just got a 2GB Kingston DataTraveler for the Fit at at Box-Mart last week.  Plug it in Vista is off and running.  Just retired the Kingston to the desktop and the Geek Squad8GB is going in the glove box!  So, not only does the 'white shirt boy' not know his own products, he also doesn't really know M$ Vista ReadyBoost either!  So much for tech know-how!


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Re: Employee Product Knowledge

Pshh BB empolys just think they know stuff and they guess or realy have no clue what is compatible with what...i have to say being techology smart in this day and time is pretty nice