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Doris 3.1 and network Question





I want to know if  some good docis 3.1cable modem i got a EN2251 it have the puma 6 inel I get some high ping and it slow sometime on charter gigabit plan.Or should i just upgrade to ethernet cable to 2.5 networand the router to a 2.5 ethernet?


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Re: Doris 3.1 and network Question

I reallly don't know what to say about your situation. I do know that the 5ghz band is the best way to get ethernet like speeds. However I've also noticed that the 2.4 GHZ band tends to have a capped amount of speed it can deliver over that band.


Just checked my Asus laptop and although it's capable of 5ghz, for some reason it always likes to connect to the lesser one. Now my XBOX and my iPhone XR connect to 5ghz and I got 500 down and 30 up. Tablets also connect to the 5ghz network as well.


The Xfinity XFI is an oddball.


If you want to upgrade to Ethernet like speeds I would suggest a range extender and plug the ethernet cable from the range extender to the laptop itself and you may see improved speeds.


Should your router combine bands like mine does you may wish to go in the admin panel and see if they can be split into two different networks. Then choose the 5G one and you should see better speeds.

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