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Disabling an intergrated vid card

Ok just purchased a new vid card for my hp pavilion 6600f which is vista 64 bit based.  I need to disable the intergrated vid card but i have no idea ive seen several sites that say shut off the switch on the mother board, otheres say delete the nvidia 7100 drivers...another says to do it from the bios..

i put in the new card, and started the computer and hit f10 and went to the bios part where i can change the vid to pci express.  but i have to say im lost here any suggestions or web sites to what i can do.  Im pretty much a non puter guru so ill need something in steps lol.

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Re: Disabling an intergrated vid card

If you have changed it to PCI Express and there is no other setting referencing onboard graphics in the BIOS, then you have disabled the onboard graphics. All you need to do is install the latest drivers and software for your new card (from the website of ATI or Nvidia) and you're good to go.